Dragons, Cults and Shit

The Outpost in the Mere of Dead Men

Our heroes disappear down the hole. They listen intently for the sounds of a cadre carrying a huge load of treasure, but instead they get:

“Hello, boys”, in the familiar yet not so welcome voice of Jamna Gleamsilver.

The “boys” sigh, and together with the thief they continue down the dark, dank corridor beneath the Mere.

On the road again

Nevermind the poison-

A completely green woman just joined up with the caravan. Green Imsa, she’s called, because imagination is in short supply.

My way or the Trade Way

The re-roll

That was bad. Three dragon eggs was a poor trade for the weird dude and Kanin, if not in the actual monetary sense. Actually, they were quite valueable! But still – the pain of loss. Yeah…

Cain felt spent. There were choices this life required them to make that he did not want to make. After relaying that the threat was gone for now, he none the less announced his intention to stay in Greenest as it’s champion. Let Leosin and his friends deal with the Cult, he could make good work here.

It was not respect in his eyes as he spoke to Stig-Britt alone, but expectation. He asked that the half-elf would make his way to Elturel and tell Leosin what they had found out.

-Oh, and don’t come back to my town again.

Horses had been arranged for four people, which turned out to be just right in a short period of time. Fancy that. At the stables were waiting two men Stig-Britt had not seen before, but they knew who he was. In fact, they claimed, they were similarly occupied with sticking it to the Cult, albeit less dramatically so far. One was a taciturn Harper Rogue called Carter, and the other introduced himself rather more flambyoantly as a friend and song-smith by the nomicer of Nyx Nightshade.

The left together for Elturel. However, there was still one horse left, so on the way they met a half-orc ronin. The wandering man-beast cut the head of some bothersome bandits and introduced himself; Maximus – light sufferer of PTSD and honorful warrior.

A light to follow

No one with an interest in self-preservation travels along the Trade Way with less than ten wagons and twice the guards. This would be the heroes’ chance to follow the treasure to its destination, by hiring on as guards for other wagons.

With the help of the thieves guild and hours of boring stake-outs, the heroes managed to catch the Cult moving their ill-gotten treasure through Baldur’s Gate. The Cult hired wagons at the northern district of Blackgate, and made arrangements with other wagonmasters. The heroes managed to get hired on a wagon each:

Onwards, to Waterdeep

The next day, the wagon-train headed north. Despite running into the odd ambush, the caravan made good progress thanks in no small part to the heroes.

In medias res
- or "I start keeping track ten sessions in."

Two months and some back, a band of merry heroes came upon the town of Greenest in the midst of a bandit raid. Only bandits do not usually have a blue dragon to keep the guards occupied while they pillage and loot the crap out of the townsfolk.

Let’s back up further, actually.

The heroes were not there by chance. A mysterious man had gathered a few local mercs and adventurers to help him investigate the recent spat in activity by the Cult of the Dragon. Stig-Britt (“along” with his imaginary brother-from-another-mother), Cain and Kanin: All eager, and almost all of them – as it turned out – expendable.

Though they could not stop a blue dragon, a hundred bandits and as many kobolds, the heroes saved several key buildings of the town, and many innocents. Cain even heroically stepped up to the hopeless challenge of the bandits champion half-dragon, Langedrosa Cyanwrath, in exchange for prisoner’s lives. He lost, but survived to be knighted champion of Greenest by Mayor Blackhill.

After the Cult left at dawn, the mayor hired the heroes to find out where the bandits where coming from, and possibly if they could get the villagers stolen stuff back. They agreed, but were first stopped by the entourage of a monk called Leosin Erlanthar, who had been captured during the raid. Leosin studied the Cult as well, and could provide them with much needed answers.

The heroes tracked the bandits down and infiltrated their camp, posing as hired swords. They found Leosin bound to a pole, and though he tried to turn their help away (having been captured on purpose to find out more about the Cult), he was in no state to object as they dragged him off. Almost making it out, the heroes were recognized at the gates, and quickly turned into potted pla- sorry, captured.

The cult normally kept to the north-east, resurrecting wyrms, but now they were rolling with the real stuff.

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